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Frequently asked questions

Do you clean houses?

Yes we clean all types of houses and offer free quotations. We also clean just about anything up to 4 floors high, including hotels, large domestic properties, office blocks, schools, pubs etc.

Why do you use this new system of window cleaning?

Window cleaning is inherently dangerous and there are more than 10 deaths per year, mainly due to operators falling from height. New legislation was put into place to reduce the risk. The Working at Height legislation 2005 came into effect to reduce the number of accidents. This is by far the safest method of cleaning windows and helps to reduce the risk of harm to the operators and damage to your property. That is why the UK leading window cleaning companies now use this system as first choice where possible.

Will the new system clean my windows as well as the old method?

Yes. Purified water is recognised to be as good as or better than conventional methods. It won't leave sticky soap residue on the glass or frames, therefore won't attract fresh dirt. With the frames now being cleaned, no dirt will run on to the glass when we get a downpour of rain, giving a better cleaning result than conventional methods. To coin a phrase - we are window cleaners not glass cleaners.

Why are the windows left wet?

When you're having your windows cleaned with our system we use laboratory grade purified water, your frames and windows are washed and then rinsed. No dirt is left and the pure water must be allowed to dry naturally to give the best quality finish.

Can you clean my windows above my conservatory?

Most of the time we can. If we can see the whole window from the ground there is a very good chance we will be able to clean it.

Will you call the same time every month?

We call 4 weekly, 6 weekly which is the customers ideal prefered time or 8 weekly.

We can promise that you would have a very regular and professional window cleaning service all year round. Commercial work will be carried out at all times as contracted.

What if we do not want our windows cleaned this month?

We would require at least 24 hours notice in advance. Rounds are managed by computer software and are printed a day in advance of the due date.

How much does it cost?

We can only tell you how much your window cleaning will cost once we have seen the property in question.

What hours do you work?

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, however we are flexible and can accommodate cleans outside of these times if required

We always have our rear gate locked, how will you overcome this?

On request, we will text or email you the day before your clean so you can leave gate unlocked, otherwise you can provide us a key for the gate or tell us the combination on a padlock so we can gain access. .

Do I need to be at home when you clean our windows?

No as long as all windows are closed and we can get access to all windows we will clean them and leave an invoice so you know we called.

Will you still clean our windows in the rain?

Yes there will be times when we clean your windows whilst it is raining. This new technology uses laboratory grade pure demineralised water, no soap residue is left on glass so rain has no adverse effect on the quality of your window clean. We work in most weather conditions apart from torrential rain and stormy conditions to maintain regularity of service